Warehouse is often the first and the worst bottleneck in production.

The correct plate is found immediately.

Load it and pack it up!

Storage racking system

When you are looking for a new, more efficient storage racking system, LIPU Oy can provide you the most efficient and safest hydraulically operated warehouse racking system which combines years worth of careful engineering and innovative horizontal positioning. LIPU storage systems will save you time, money and space, amongst other valuable resources. As well as improving your production machinery utilisation and productivity significantly. If you have any questions considering our storage racking systems, please contact us directly or look for more information below!

Safety and capacity for your benefit

LIPUs modular storage systems are designed for the modern way of warehousing, that values the easiest and the most efficient ways to storage goods. The LIPU warehouse storage racking system is hydraulically operated and consists of a number of frames and pivotable storage seats that utilise warehouse space vertically. While the selected storage seat is in horizontal position, the goods can be loaded and unloaded way easier. This means that each storage seat can be filled and emptied from four different directions: from both sides, front and above. Work safety also improves significantly when the storage racking system is operated horizontally.

Save resources

Thanks to the vertical storage racking system, you can reduce your warehouses floor space requirement up to 80 percent. The minimal space requirement allows the goods to be stored close to the processing stations, which eliminates any unnecessary transfers or impact damages and waste of time. The correct plate is also found immediately and accessed for processing without any delay, since the content of a single storage seat can be scrolled in just 35 seconds. That way the use of separate storage seats lead to a significant improvement in production machine utilisation and productivity.

LIPU racking system can operate automatically or manually

LIPU open storage system can be controlled automatically or manually, which ever suits your needs the best. The racking systems control can be connected by a cable or a wireless contact. Automatic control uses a production program that identifies required plate each time. It then opens the correct storage seat and transfers it to the processing station. After every transfer the storage racking system prepares itself automatically to transfer the next plate during processing.

The automation system can also be connected to the warehouses information system, which enables real-time monitoring of the warehouses general situation. Automated LIPU storage racking system can also use remote diagnostics, which speeds up the analysis of any malfunctions.

If you have any questions regarding our storage racking systems, please contact us now!